This deck is unlike any other deck, but it is also exactly like every other deck. This investigation into the classic Tarot de Marseilles has taken over ten years to complete, and is the result of intensive academic research. It is also just a crazy looking deck of cards. The Arcane Majeure was exhibited during Frieze Week in New York in 2012, and the Arcane Mineure was shown and sold as The Idiosyncratic Deck during Art Basel in Miami in 2013. Available now for the first time in its full form, as a 78 card deck, Le Nouveau Tarot is both an homage to traditional cartomancy as well as a radical reinterpretation of the tarot, its symbology, and its possibilities. Try as you might, these cards will not predict your future; rather, they will make you think about yourself and your situation. How you deduce this information and interpret the results is entirely up to you. 



The cards for the Big Things. We start with The Fool, who takes us on a journey through the idiosyncrasies of the human experience, introducing us to many wild characters and encountering many bizarre situations along the way. Each card has a title, which explains the roles they play. Like people, there are no "good" or "bad" cards - each card carries with it complex definitions that have both positive and negative aspects. Instead of portraying what the cards "mean", these surreal collages offer visual clues into the nature of being; one possible manifestation in a multiverse of infinite possibilities. 



Further down the rabbithole we go. These cards deal with the nuances of more detailed aspects of the human experience. The four distinct suits - cups, wands, coins, and swords -  mirror the four elements - water, fire, earth, and air - and concern the four main realms of the human soul - emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual. Each suit, comprised of ten pip cards and three royal cards, tells the story of how these elements affect us and our lives.